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Our 6L Gas Water Heater is now available for manufacturer sale, offering on-demand smart tankless technology for instant hot water. Designed for natural gas, this instant hot water heater provides reliable performance with standard wholesale pricing. Ideal for both residential and commercial use, this 6L gas water heater ensures you have access to hot water whenever you need it, making it a practical and efficient solution for any hot water requirement.

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A tankless water heater is typically more energy-efficient because it heats water only when needed. Once the tap is turned on, the heater activates to provide a continuous supply of hot water. These heaters often take up less space and can be mounted on a wall, though they might require larger gas lines, specialized venting, or additional electrical circuits, which can increase initial costs. Despite this, a tankless water heater has a lifespan of 15-20 years and can lower water heating bills by up to 30 percent.


Portability and Convenience: Camping gas water heaters are crafted to be compact, lightweight, and effortlessly portable, fitting seamlessly into your camping gear without occupying much space. They are an optimal choice for travelers seeking ease and convenience.

Hot Water Anywhere: With a camping gas water heater, you have the luxury of accessing hot water wherever your adventures take you, even in remote areas lacking electricity or conventional water supplies.

Quick and Simple Installation: These water heaters are engineered for swift and straightforward setup, enabling you to install them with ease and enjoy hot water within moments.

Energy Efficiency: Camping gas water heaters utilize propane or butane gas, both known for their efficient and economical properties in heating water outdoors.

Adjustable Temperature Control: Many models feature adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to personalize the water temperature according to your preferences.

Versatility: Camping gas water heaters serve a multitude of purposes, including providing hot showers, facilitating dishwashing, aiding in cleaning tasks, and supplying warm water for diverse activities.

Safety Features: Most camping gas water heaters are equipped with essential safety features like automatic shut-off and flame failure protection, ensuring secure operation during use.

Ideal for Off-Grid Living: These water heaters are particularly suitable for off-grid living scenarios, such as in cabins or tiny homes, where traditional water heating solutions may be impractical.

Eco-Friendly Options: Certain camping gas water heaters are designed with eco-conscious features, such as low emissions and efficient fuel consumption, contributing to environmental sustainability.


Product Parameter

Gas Type liquefied petroleum gas
color White
show LED display optional
Water pressure start Low pressure
Exhaust method Open flue
Panel Material White powder coating
power 2D size battery
Hot water capacity 6L/Min
Heat Exchanger all bronze
burner 3 rows 250 mm
Product Keywords Water Heater







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