News - Vangood Company Conducts Product Knowledge Training Session

Vangood Company Held Product Knowledge Introduction Training

In this training, Vangood's quality inspectors gave the salesmen a comprehensive and in-depth product introduction and analysis with their rich product knowledge and professional technical level. In addition to introducing the basic principles and usage methods of water heaters, the quality inspectors also focused on the accessories inside the water heaters, including the distinction between flue water heaters, balanced water heaters and forced exhaust water heaters. Through on-site demonstrations and interactive exchanges, the salesmen have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the company's water heater product characteristics, usage methods, maintenance and other aspects, laying a solid foundation for better providing professional services to customers in the future.


The relevant person in charge of Vangood Company said that this product knowledge introduction training aims to improve the professional level of the company's salesmen, so that they can better understand and master the company's product knowledge, so as to better provide customers with personalized solutions. The company will continue to increase investment in employee training, continuously improve service quality, and create greater value for customers.

Through this product knowledge introduction training, Vangood has demonstrated its high attention to service quality and its attention to the professional quality of its employees, and has also laid a more solid foundation for future development. I believe that with the company's unremitting efforts, Vangood will continue to play the role of a leading enterprise in the water heater industry and bring more surprises and satisfaction to customers.



Post time: Jul-02-2024