News - Vangood Hosts Welcome Ceremony to Strengthen HR and Administrative Specialist Team

Vangood Held Welcome Ceremony for New Employees to Strengthen HR and Administrative Specialist Team

At this welcome ceremony, Vangood's executive team and department managers gave speeches, warmly welcoming the new employees and expressing their expectations for their future work. At the same time, the company also arranged professional training courses to help new employees integrate into the company culture more quickly, understand the company's business and processes, and improve their professional quality.

At the welcome ceremony for new employees, the company specially invited the head of the human resources and administrative department to give a detailed introduction, including the company's human resources and administrative policies, employee welfare benefits, office processes and other aspects. In addition, new employees also received training on water heater product knowledge in order to better understand the company's core products and business.


The relevant person in charge of Vangood said that the company will continue to increase its investment in employee training, continuously improve service quality, and create greater value for customers. The addition of new employees will inject new vitality into the company's personnel administration work and will also bring more opportunities and challenges to the company's future development.

Through this new employee welcome ceremony, Vangood has demonstrated its emphasis on talent training and team building, and has laid a more solid foundation for future development. I believe that with the company's unremitting efforts, Vangood will continue to play the role of a leading enterprise in the water heater industry and bring more surprises and satisfaction to customers.



Post time: Jul-02-2024