News - Vangood Triumphs in Hosting Major Recruitment Event

Vangood Successfully Hosts Large-Scale Recruitment Fair

The recruitment fair was bustling with activity as Vangood offered a variety of positions spanning research and development, production, sales, and marketing, catering to a wide range of professional aspirations. The company's recruitment team warmly welcomed each candidate, providing detailed introductions to the company’s history, corporate culture, and job requirements, showcasing Vangood's dynamic and forward-thinking corporate image.


Vangood has always been dedicated to the research and production of high-quality water heaters, gaining widespread market recognition for its superior products and services. The success of this recruitment fair not only infused the company with fresh talent but also provided a valuable platform for aspiring professionals to showcase their abilities. Vangood emphasized its commitment to the principle that "talent is the first productive force," aiming to create better development opportunities for employees and to grow alongside them for a promising future.

The successful conclusion of this recruitment fair marks a significant step forward in Vangood's talent acquisition strategy. The company will continue to optimize its talent strategies, attract more exceptional individuals, and provide robust talent support for sustained corporate growth.



Post time: Jun-26-2024