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There are four type of burners: 3.3KW triple ring work burner,2.75kw Rapid Burner,1 or 2 1.75kw Semi Rapid burner,1 kw Auxiliary Burner; triple ring 11262BTU burner, semi-rapid 9385BTU , two 5972BTU burners and an auxiliary 3413BTU burner. They will distribute even heat for simmer, boil, stir-frying, steaming, melting or others, which is very suitable for family daily use.

The burner material is mainly made of stainless steel, cast iron and copper forging. Since the burner is grilled by the fire for a long time, it is easy to deform, so the material and thickness of the burner are important. Generally, the heavier the burner, the better.

The burner uses gas, oil, etc. as fuel. The key factor for its thermal efficiency is that the mixing ratio of gas and air must be completely burned to make full use of the fuel. The traditional burner adopts diffusion combustion technology. Gas and air are mixed while burning. The mixing speed is slow, the flame temperature is low, and the gas cannot be completely burned. It is easy to produce a large amount of carbon monoxide, which is poisonous, and part of the fuel is wasted.

The Vangood burner adopts advanced pre-mixing processing technology. The gas and air are mixed twice in the spiral steel ring from the surface of the burner head through the mixing chamber of the burner head, and sprayed and burned. Because the gas and air mix fully and uniformly, the flame temperature is high and the flame is pure blue, the flame is short and powerful, and the gas flow reaches 8.236m3 after the flame is extinguished.

The burner head is made of cast iron, aluminum alloy, and copper.

1. Cast iron burners are resistant to high temperatures, but are easy to rust. Like southern households with humid kitchens, cast iron is not recommended.

2. The aluminum alloy burner is light and does not rust, but the die-casting cost is high, and the use conditions of the gas source are limited.

3. The copper burner is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and is not easy to rust. It is recommended to buy a gas stove with a copper burner.

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