Gas Water Heater Accessories Copper Heat Exchanger Combustion Chamber

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Universal gas water heater water tank high quality copper and aluminum water heater accessories 5-7 liters.

Water tank. (Call it the heart of a gas water heater)

The water tank is also called a heat exchanger.

The material of the water tank is divided into: aluminum water tank, tin-immersed copper, oxygen-free copper, stainless steel, etc., and the selling price increases sequentially.

At present, most of the medium and high-end products of well-known brand gas water heaters on the market mainly use copper water tanks. The so-called copper water tanks are copper water tanks with a content of at least 99.9%, also called oxygen-free copper water tanks, red copper water tanks, and real copper. The water tank, phosphorus deoxidized copper, etc., are called differently, but the essence is the same.

Some low-end products or small-brand products of gas water heater brands will use lead tin (immersion tin copper) water tanks for positioning or cost reasons, and the price is basically lower.

Why do most of the gas water heaters of high-end products of well-known brands choose to use copper water tanks?

Reason ①: The heat transfer efficiency of copper is 88% higher than other metals. In the metal thermal conductivity table, you can see that the thermal conductivity of silver is 429, and the thermal conductivity of copper is 401. Silver belongs to the precious metal series. Of course, choose The water tank is made of copper, which is more cost-effective.

Reason ②: Copper has strong plasticity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and a longer service life. The thickness of the copper water tank refers to the thickness of the copper pipe on the water tank, collectively referred to by the industry. Well-known brands use 0.8MM copper water tanks to improve product quality, which is more durable.


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