Instant Gas On Demand Bathroom Point Of Use Propane Hot Tankless Water Heater

Short Description:

  • Minimum order quantity: 100 sets
  • FOB price: USD price, please see the price list for the price range: USD70-90.
  • port: Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • payment method: T/T, L/C, WESTERN UNION.
  • Supply Capacity: 20000 sets a month
  • Delivery period: By T/T, within 30 days after received 30% deposit
  • standard packaging: Export standard sea worthy 5-layer carton package include protection foam, or pack as customer required.
  • Product Detail

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    1. 3V auto ignition water heater

    2. flame failure protection

    3. over water pressure protection

    4. low water pressure started

    16L Gas Water Heater Specification

    1. Natural Flue or Forced Air Type

    2. Gas type: LPG/NG

    3. White Powder Painting Panel or Stainless Steel Panels

    4. 14L Rated Heat Input: 32kW

    5. Multiple-protection safety device

    6. Water Pressure: 0.02~0.8MPa

    7. Front/Back panel:0.6/0.5mm

    8. Copper Valve with Pressure Release Valve

    9. 16 rows T type burner in Stainless Steel

    10. 3.2-4.0kg Weight of Real Copper Heat Exchanger

    11. Product Size: 650*360*180mm

    12. Packing Size: 800*420*240mm

    13. Loading: 350PCS/20'ft; 850PCS/40'HQ

    Gas Water Heater's Product Description

    1. Gas leak and overheating control;

    2. Self-diagnosing Malfunctions;

    3. Flame failure safety device;

    4. Anti dry burning;

    5. Over water pressure protection device;

    6. Anti-wind flow back & Anti-freezing device;

    7. Auto-adjusting water temperature continually;

    8. 20 minutes in-built timer;

    9. Winter-summer switch, can select suitable mode in different seasons to save energy;

    10. Automatic flame adjustment;

    11. Good quality brass valve for long life & better circulation of gas;

    12. Filtering device of inlet water;

    13. 0.015-0.8Mpa water pressure or zero water pressure start is optional;

    14. Cold-hot water switch (get water what you want);

    Flue type: using the air pressure difference to exhaust the exhaust gas to the outside through the flue, but without ventilation equipment, the price is cheaper. Or exhaust the flue gas indoors through the flue, and exhaust the flue gas outdoors through the exhaust fan. The exhaust fan is equipped with a linkage valve to connect to the water heater, the water heater is turned on, and the exhaust fan starts automatically.

    Everyone knows that gas water heaters are very similar to instant electric water heaters. They do not have a water tank. The cold water is directly heated to the temperature we set through the gas water heater, which is fast and convenient for our use, without worrying about leakage; then Since gas water heaters do not have a water tank, why is there a capacity requirement? This is what we need to understand. The capacity of a gas water heater actually refers to the maximum water output. For example, a 12-liter gas water heater can meet the water output requirements of one shower, while a 16-liter gas water heater can meet the simultaneous use of two showers.

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