Instantaneous Natural Gas Tankless Point Of Use Hot Water Heater

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VANGOOD Propane Tankless Water Heater Indoor for Home Gas 20L(5.5 GPM 45℉ Rise),High Efficiency Instant Hot On Demand Multiple Points of Use GWHs

Instant Water Heater: High efficiency tankless hot water heaters, Enjoy a comfortable shower without waiting, the propane tankless water heater provides you with hot water instantly, save your valuable time, as well as energy and water.

Endless Hot Water: This propane gas water heater indoor is able to meet all of your hot water needs. No longer do you need to choose between a hot shower, dish washing and laundry. The Vangood tankless water heater will never run out of hot water and keep everyone happy.

Easy To Install & Low Pressure Startup: Use standard 3/4" NPT water fittings and φ3" Vent Pipe for convenient and quick installation. It works under low water pressure, great for all locations including total home, high buildings, apartments, or cabins, etc.

Safety & Excellent Quality: The burner is manufactured by the same factory that produces popular brands sold globally, using the latest European technology, high efficiency and energy saving, The Heat Exchanger is made of oxygen-free copper, efficient and durable;According to DOE test standard, the capacity is up to 3.7 GPM @ 67℉ Temperature Rise(Equivalent to 5.5 GPM with a 45℉ temp Rise). Auto cut-off & anti-dry burning protection.

Space Saving: Compact design allows for installation in all non-traditional spaces such as a crawl space, the garage or even a closet. The insta hot tankless water heater propane is only the size of a small suitcase. Re-think the traditional tank, saving floor space in your home.

Impressive Feature

※ 6-IN-1 Multiple Protection(overheat protection,Flame Failure Protection, Anti-frozen Protection, Dry Combustion Protection, Low water Flow Protection, High Water Pressure Protection).

※ The The VANGOOD JSG40 produces comfortable instant endless hot water for residential whole families use

※ Automatically activates on water pressure between 15-150 PSI(MPa), maximum power output 145,000 Btu/Hr. Hot water output 3.7 gallons per minute(as 67℉ Temperature Rise), perfect for a hot shower for whole home.

※ Temperature intelligent adjustment and the LCD screen displays ensures comfortable constant hot water.

Product Parameters

Rated thermal load (kW): 40
Thermal efficiency (energy efficiency rating): >88%
Minimum gas consumption (kW): 3.6
Gas connection caliber: R: R3/4″
Rated electric power (W): 52
Gas control: Proportional control + ability switching
Minimum starting water volume (L/min): 2.4
The lowest starting water pressure (kPa): 10kPa (0.1kgf/cm²)
Antifreeze measures: electric heating

Carbon monoxide exceeding standard prevention device: Yes
Type: Forced balance
Gas type: T: natural gas; Y: liquefied gas; R: artificial gas
Maximum hot water production rate (Δt=25℃) (kg/min): 20
Cold and hot water connection caliber: R3/4″
Ignition method: high-voltage pulse continuous ignition
Water volume control: water volume server
Applicable water pressure: 68.6~980kPa(0.7~5.0kgf/cm²)
Temperature control range (℃): 35, 37~48, 50, 55, 60


The Sixth Generation Gas Water Heater
Fully Enclosed System, Safer
Hidden Installation Makes The Decoration More Beautiful
Take Oxygen Outdoors Without Consuming Indoor Oxygen
Strong Wind Is More Resistant
Micro-flame Technology Does Not Get Hot In The Summer Bathing Water
Temperature Rise Of 3 Degrees Without Water
±1℃ Constant Temperature Technology
Equipped With Water Volume Server, Water Temperature Is More Accurate
Wireless Remote Control, Easy To Penetrate The Wall
Bathtub Water Filling Reminder Function
One Key Switch Of Temperature
Prevention Device For Carbon Monoxide Exceeding Standard Without Alarm
Power-On Self-Checks
48 Degree Safety Lock Function
60 Minutes Continuous Combustion Shutdown Protection

Temperature rise of 3 degrees without water:
When the faucet of the water heater is turned off for 1-5 minutes and then turned on again, there will usually be a section of hot water higher than the set temperature. The water temperature difference between this section of high temperature and the set temperature is the temperature rise when the water is stopped. The temperature rise of the Vangood water heater

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