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We offer all kinds of parts for gas hobs, ovens and gas water heaters.

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Gas nozzle converting table for kitchen burners:

Sabaf Burner

NG Injector

LPG Injector

Sabaf Burner Cap,Ø=130mm,3.5-3.8KW

Φ1.27 - Φ1.40

Φ0.80 - Φ0.92

Sabaf Burner Cap,Ø=100mm,2.75KW

Φ1.00 - Φ1.15

Φ0.65 - Φ0.75

Sabaf Burner Cap,Ø=75mm,1.75KW

Φ0.94 - Φ0.97

Φ0.57 - Φ0.60

Sabaf Burner Cap,Ø=55mm,1.0KW

Φ0.72 - Φ0.75

Φ0.50 - Φ0.55

The nozzle has two functions. One is to eject the gas at a certain speed to form a jet; the other is to eject the surrounding air.

The material of the nozzle is generally brass, and the nozzle hole is small. The nozzles of different cooking appliances are also different. According to the presence or absence of side holes, they can be divided into non-side hole nozzles and side hole nozzles.

The nozzles of gas stoves of different gas sources are different. The main difference lies in the size of the nozzles. For example, the pressure of liquefied gas is large and the combustion value is higher. Therefore, small nozzles and nozzles with large ejection volume are required, while the pressure of artificial gas is low. With the lowest calorific value, a nozzle with a larger orifice is required.

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