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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Balanced Water Heaters

Balanced gas water heater is a kind of gas water heater. Its characteristic is that it can form a sealed system isolated from indoor air together with the supporting flue, which neither consumes indoor air nor causes flue gas pollution, because it needs to burn. The oxygen is drawn from the outside, and the exhaust gas produced is also discharged outside, so that the oxygen in the room will not be consumed, so it is also called "the safest gas water heater".


1. Reasonable structure

The shell of the balanced gas water heater is closed, and the flue integrated with the shell is made of inner and outer layers. The flue leads from the wall to the outside, and the oxygen required for combustion is inhaled by the outer layer of the flue, which is generated after combustion. The exhaust gas is discharged outdoors from the inner layer of the flue, which neither consumes the oxygen in the room nor pollutes the indoor air.

2. Excellent performance

Balanced gas water heaters have fast heating, large air output and less scale removal.

3. Small footprint

The flue of the balanced gas water heater is discharged through the wall through the double-layer flue, so it occupies a small space and basically does not affect the aesthetics of the interior.

Disadvantages: 1. High starting water pressure

Balanced gas water heaters have high requirements on starting water pressure, so they can be started with a low water pressure of 0.02MPa. If you are a high-level user, it is recommended to install a booster device.

2. Installation is inconvenient

When installing a balanced gas water heater, it is necessary to drill holes from the wall and install a flue exhaust fan. If the house does not have a flue reserved during construction, the installation workload will be large.

3. Maintenance is difficult

Balanced gas water heaters have not been developed for a long time, and there is still no unified industry standard, and there are many brands in the industry, and the product quality is uneven. The cross-sectional area is different, and the maintenance difficulty is even greater.

Post time: Sep-14-2022