Application Of Water Flow Sensor In Gas Water Heater


The water flow sensor uses the Hall effect of the Hall element to measure the magnetic physical quantity. A load resistor is connected in series with the positive pole of the Hall element, and the DC voltage of "J" is applied at the same time, and the direction of the current is orthogonal to the direction of the magnetic field. When the water pushes the magnetic rotor to rotate through the turbine switch shell, a rotating magnetic field of different magnetic poles is generated, cutting the magnetic induction line to generate high and low pulse levels. Since the frequency of the output pulse signal of the Hall element is proportional to the rotational speed of the magnetic rotor, and the rotational speed of the rotor is proportional to the water flow, the gas water heater is started according to the water flow. Feedback from the water flow sensor The signal judges the value of the water flow through the controller. According to the different models of gas water heaters, the optimal starting flow can be selected to realize ultra-low pressure starting.


Working Principle

The water flow sensor is mainly composed of a copper valve body, a water flow rotor assembly, a steady flow assembly and a Hall element. It is installed at the inlet end of the water heater to measure the inlet water flow. As water flows through the rotor assembly, the magnetic rotor rotates and the rotational speed varies linearly with flow. The Hall element outputs the corresponding pulse signal and feeds it back to the controller. The controller judges the water flow and adjusts the current of the proportional valve, so as to control the gas volume through the proportional valve, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the gas water heater is warm in summer and cool in winter. . The water flow sensor fundamentally solves the shortcomings of high starting water pressure of the differential pressure water-air linkage valve and the easy malfunction of the flap-type water valve, such as dry burning. It has the advantages of sensitive response, long life, fast action, safe and reliable, convenient connection and ultra-low startup flow, etc., and is deeply loved by users.

Post time: Aug-22-2022