Contraindications For Using Gas Water Heaters

1. It is forbidden to close doors and windows when using

Where gas water heaters are installed, ventilation fans and shutter doors and windows should be installed. When using, ventilation fans should be turned on to ensure air circulation and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. When purchasing a gas water heater, you can consider the type of protection by carbon monoxide. When the concentration of carbon monoxide is too high, it will actively buzz the alarm, automatically close the valve, quickly start the fan, and discharge the indoor toxic gas to the outside.

2. It is forbidden to place flammable objects next to the gas water heater

The gas water heater should not only be placed in a dry and ventilated place, but also regularly checked and cleaned, and no irrelevant items should be placed around the gas water heater. Pay attention to replacing the rubber hose regularly, check whether there are air bubbles at the connection of the hose, and report for repair in time if there is air leakage.

3. Pay attention to the phenomenon that the gas water heater fails to catch fire

If the gas water heater has not been fired after firing several times, it is safer to stop for a while and let the gas ejected during the previous firing dissipate before firing. Sometimes the gas water heater will fail to catch fire, and it will continue to fire. During the trial process, a large amount of gas will be released in the machine and cannot be discharged. At this time, if the fire is on, the residual gas will encounter an open flame. It is very likely that there will be a detonation sound or the gas water heater will burst.

4. Regularly check the gas pipeline

No matter what kind of gas product it is, a rubber hose is used to connect the gas source. When the use time exceeds 18 months, the rubber hose will age and crack, and the user may cause gas leakage when using the gas water heater. If the gas is poisoned, the gas explosion will occur in severe cases, endangering the safety of the family. It is recommended that users replace the pipes regularly. When purchasing a gas hose, be sure to choose a hose with the manufacturer, trademark, pressure bearing, and the words "Household Gas Special Hose" on the pipe. It is best to directly buy the new type of stainless steel pipe that has a service life of up to 10 years, which is safer.

5. Pay attention to the service life

Many users' home gas water heaters have already exceeded the service life. According to the "Safety Management Regulations for Household Gas Burning Appliances", the service life of branded gas water heaters is generally 8 years, and there is a discount for miscellaneous brands. After a long time of use, the components inside the gas water heater will age, the overall efficiency will decrease, and the safety protection devices will also fail.



Post time: Oct-20-2022