Gas hot water choose water and gas dual adjustment or water volume server?

In fact, the water-gas dual-adjustment water volume server is the temperature control technology of the gas water heater.

There are three common gas water heater temperature control technologies.

1. Gas proportional valve. This method uses a chip to control the gas proportional valve according to the amount of water. If the amount of water is large, the gas and oxygen will be increased. If the amount of water is small, the gas valve will be reduced to reduce the oxygen supply. The effect of temperature control is achieved by adjusting the firepower of the combustion. The effect of this method of constant temperature is poor, and the temperature error is about ±3°C, and the situation of hot and cold often occurs during use.

2. Water and air dual adjustment. This type of gas water heater will add a spring made of memory alloy inside, and control the water intake through the thermal expansion and contraction of the memory alloy, and then cooperate with the chip to control the gas proportional valve to achieve the effect of temperature control.

If the weather is cold in winter and the temperature is low, the memory alloy will shrink and control the valve to reduce the flow of water; in summer, when the temperature is high, the memory alloy will control all the valves to open to increase the water flow. The gas proportional valve will also be adjusted up or down depending on the temperature to ensure a constant temperature.

The constant temperature effect of this gas water heater is relatively good, but when the temperature is low in winter, the water output will decrease, which is very inconvenient for some tall buildings, especially in areas with insufficient water pressure and poor water supply.

3. Water volume server. Since memory alloys only use the physical principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the accuracy of temperature control is average. The water volume server gas water heater uses the water volume server to replace the memory alloy. By actively detecting and adjusting the water volume, and using the CPU command to coordinate the gas proportional valve to adjust the combustion volume, more accurate temperature control can be performed.

The temperature control effect of the water volume server is the best, and the error can reach 0.3 °C. It is the best choice for some high-rise buildings, old communities, and environments with unstable water pressure. In contrast, the gas water heater with the water volume server has the highest price, followed by the water and gas dual adjustment, and the gas proportional valve is the cheapest.

Therefore, if the water pressure in the home is relatively stable, it is the most cost-effective to choose the water and gas dual adjustment; if the water pressure is unstable, or the floor is high, it is best to choose gas hot water with a water volume server.

Post time: Sep-05-2022