News - Gas Water heater temperature is too high?

Gas Water heater temperature is too high?

Entering June, the national temperature has risen sharply, and the national average temperature can reach 35 ℃ or above. And long-term sunlight, exposed objects are "fried" to varying degrees! The surface temperature can reach more than 50 ℃! The outside of the water pipe reaches more than 60 ℃! The tap water in the pipe also heats up as high as 40°C or more!

The average temperature of the human body is 37°C, and the temperature of the tap water that has been grilled by high temperature has reached 40°C. After being heated by an ordinary gas water heater (the lowest temperature rises by 4~9°C), the outlet water temperature reaches 45°C, which exceeds the temperature required for the bathroom in summer. , will naturally produce a "hot" feeling!

First of all, you need to adjust the water heater first - the water temperature is adjusted to the lowest (the lowest temperature of conventional gas water heaters is set to 35 ℃), if the water heater at home is a knob switch, remember to adjust the bathroom mode to summer! Turn the fire down to a minimum!

If it has been operated, but still feel that the water temperature is too high, then in the next step, you can try to adjust the gas valve on the gas pipeline connected to the water heater to an appropriate size.

In addition to adjusting the temperature and air valve, it is also very important to clean the water inlet and outlet. When the tap water is heated at high temperature, scale will occur, and these small scales will accumulate less and become more, which will cause the water outlet to block, resulting in high water temperature and poor water output.

At this time, it can be solved by cleaning the water heater outlet pipe filter and replacing the shower head, or you can contact professional manufacturers for after-sales on-site cleaning services!

In addition to blockage of the water inlet and outlet, low water pressure will also cause the water temperature to be high. To give a simple example: at the same time, the same firepower, heating half a pot of water and heating a pot of water, the water temperature of half a pot of water must be higher than a full pot of water. 

For users with low tap water pressure, it is recommended to change the water pipe to a certain diameter or install a booster pump under the guidance of professionals.

Post time: Aug-22-2022