How Do You Prevent Electrocution In A Water Heater?

Water heaters have brought a lot of help to people's lives. Nowadays, almost every household is equipped with water heaters. Greatly increases the chance of a water heater leakage accident.

Although the water heater is easy to use, if it is not used properly, it will cause certain injuries and safety accidents to people. I believe many people have also seen a lot of news about the death of the water heater due to leakage of electricity! Seeing those news, are you afraid of #waterheater when using water heaters? So what can be done to prevent the water heater from leaking? Let's take a look below!

If you want to prevent the leakage of the water heater, you have to find the cause of the leakage of the water heater?

1. There is no ground wire. The power distribution facilities installed in some old houses are relatively simple. Many sockets in the house are not connected to the ground wire or have no ground wire at all. At this time, electricity leakage is easy to occur when the water heater is used at home.

2. When the water heater fails, any electrical appliance has a service life. The service life of the water heater is different depending on the frequency of use. Of course, the usual security inspection and maintenance are also very important. Once the water heater ages or fails, it will also cause the water heater to leak electricity.

3. Lack of leakage protection measures, such as leakage protection plugs, leakage air switches, anti-electric walls, etc., leakage protection measures are the last line of defense to protect people's lives and property in the event of leakage.

Find the reason, we know how to prevent the leakage of electric water heaters?

1. Check the ground wire. The ground wire is a safety wire to prevent electric shock. Check whether the ground wire of the socket used in the home appliance is properly connected, especially in the old house. If there is no ground wire or the ground wire is abnormally connected, it should be increased in time. Ground wire to rule out exceptions.

2. Regular maintenance and inspection of the water heater. The usual maintenance is very important. It is necessary to regularly inspect the wear parts of the water heater and replace them in time to prevent leakage due to the aging of the water heater.

3. Install anti-leakage measures, install leakage switches, leakage protection plugs and anti-electric walls for the water heater. The function of the anti-electric wall is to increase the water flow resistance and reduce the water flow voltage. When the water heater leaks, the voltage passing through the anti-electric wall also It will not cause harm to our human body. These safety measures should also be checked regularly, preferably once a month.

Water heater leakage is very dangerous. Once an electric leakage accident occurs, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to these problems when using electric water heaters and pay attention to them!

Post time: Aug-15-2022