How To Choose Liters Of Gas Water Heater

Gas water heaters are very common in many families today, because they are fast and convenient to use, so they are very popular with consumers. However, many people often ask how many liters of capacity they need in the process of purchasing. Guaranteed normal use. today will explain to you how to choose the liter of gas water heater? What is the size of the gas water heater?

1. The number of family bathrooms. There are many bathrooms at home, and there is a natural chance of using water at the same time. If it is a dual bathroom, use a gas water heater of 14 liters or more. If there are many duplex buildings or bathrooms, up to three or four, use more than 16 liters, such as 20 liters and 24 liters of water heaters.

2. The distance between the gas water heater and the water location, the farther the distance, the greater the number of liters required. Because there is a lot of heat loss during water transport, this loss also needs to be compensated for by faster heating.

3. The size of the gas water heater and the number of people in the family. The more people in the household, the greater the chance of using hot water at the same time. At the same time, the use of hot water requires that the gas water heater can provide a large amount of water flow in a short time, and the heating speed must be fast, and the number of liters of the water heater is also required to be larger.

4. Family washing habits, those who like to take a bath need to put a lot of hot water into the bathtub in a short time. Only using this spray head has to reach 6-8 liters of water per minute to make you feel comfortable. If there are individuals who need water at the same time, this water consumption has to be accumulated.

5. Seasonal location of use and requirements for hot water temperature. When a hot bath in the cold north and a cool shower in the hot south require the same amount of bath water, the gas they need will not be the same. Of course, they need a gas water heater. The liters won't be the same either.

6. Reference for the size and usage of gas water heaters

1 bathroom + no kitchen - consider choosing a gas water heater from 6 liters to 11 liters

1 bathroom + 1 kitchen - consider a gas water heater from 10 liters to 13 liters

2 bathrooms + no kitchen - 14-liter and 16-liter gas water heaters can be considered

2 bathrooms + 1 kitchen - 16 liters + 20 liters gas water heater can be considered

2 bathrooms + 2 kitchens - 24 liter gas water heaters can be considered



Post time: Sep-21-2022