How to descale the gas water heater

The gas water heater is actually a heating tube. When cleaning, you only need to remove the water heater and pour in the detergent from the water inlet and keep it for a period of time. Commonly used cleaning agents can be mixed with white vinegar and water 1:1. In fact, toilet cleaning spirit dilution is also effective, and there are special cleaning agents sold in supermarkets. A total of about 15 minutes in the detergent, the water in the basin is obviously much darker.

This is the rusty things and debris in the pipe. The scale is dissolved in the water, of course you can't see it, but you will obviously feel that the water flow is much larger, indicating that the scale has been cleaned. The cleaning time is under your control. Don't wait too long, the descaling agent is acidic and will corrode the metal. If your water heater is a cylindrical water heater with electric heating, you can use a water pump to inject the solution of the descaling agent into the water heater, heat it to a certain temperature, wait for 20 minutes, and then drain the water in the water heater.

Post time: Aug-04-2022