Precautions when water heater is reconnected

When the gas water heater is suspended from use, it will generally have "three stops", the water, electricity and gas will be cut off. When it is resumed, it is not necessary to open up the water, electricity and gas. You need to follow the steps below!

1 Open the hot water valve (shower);

2 Open the cold water inlet valve of the water heater;

3 Close the hot water valve;

4. Check whether there is water leakage in the pipeline; (if you find water leakage, please contact the manufacturer for after-sales on-site inspection as soon as possible, if everything is normal, please continue the following operations)

5 Open the water heater gas pipeline valve;

6 Plug in the water heater power supply;

7 Turn on the power switch of the water heater;

8 Open the hot water valve and check whether the water heater starts normally. (Just after resuming use, there may be a fault code of "E1" or "11" on the machine. At this time, it will return to normal after restarting two or three more times. Because it has not been used for a long time, the gas cannot enter the combustion chamber and cannot return to normal in a short time. If the machine still cannot be used after being started many times, please contact the manufacturer as soon as possible for after-sale inspection)

Post time: Aug-29-2022