Requirements For The Installation Of Exhaust Pipes

Balanced gas water heaters have been chosen by many families for their good safety performance and user experience. However, unreasonable installation may lead to safety accidents, so pay attention to installation methods. The installation method of the balanced gas water heater is not difficult. It is to measure the hole position first, then punch the expansion screw, and then hang the water heater. When installing, pay attention to the installation position and safety requirements. Another key point in the installation of the balanced gas water heater is the installation of the exhaust pipe, so what are the requirements for the installation of the exhaust pipe of the balanced gas water heater?

The characteristic of the balanced gas water heater is that it has a double-layer smoke exhaust pipe. Since the air consumed and the exhaust gas discharged during combustion are inhaled and discharged through the exhaust pipe, the requirements for the exhaust pipe are relatively high.To do the following:

1. The smoke exhaust pipe cannot be installed in the public flue of the community, so as to avoid safety problems such as flue gas backflow, poor smoke exhaust, fire in the flue, or even a safety accident of the flue fire.

2. The area around the exhaust vent should be kept unobstructed. It should be exhausted to the outside and directly connected to the atmosphere. There should be no obstacles within 30 cm to avoid fire caused by the exhausted hot air.

3. The exhaust pipe cannot pass through the sealed space such as bedroom, living room and safety passage.

4. The diameter of the exhaust pipe is usually about 60 mm, generally less than 60 mm. We can choose according to the capacity of the water heater. If the water heater is larger than 10 liters, choose 60 mm, and if it is less than 8 liters, choose 50 mm.

5. The temperature of the exhaust pipe of the balanced gas water heater can reach up to about 150 °C, which is generally at the first elbow of the exhaust pipe. Therefore, when installing the exhaust pipe, there should not be too many flammable or easily exposed to high temperature around. affect things.

6. The outdoor part of the smoke exhaust pipe should be avoided to be installed in a location that is expected to be blocked by snow. If it is, another safe location must be selected.



Post time: Oct-13-2022