Solenoid Valve Function And Troubleshooting

The role and function of gas water heater solenoid valve

Generally, the normal start-up procedure of gas water heaters is: first pass the water, then start the micro switch, the whole machine is powered on, and then ignite. After 1-3 seconds of ignition, the solenoid valve is closed, ventilated, and burned. If the solenoid valve of the gas water heater is lost, it is ventilated when the water is passed through. If the ignition is delayed and the gas fills the combustion chamber, deflagration will occur. What we are talking about here is the role of a water vapor linkage of the gas water heater solenoid valve.

The double protection of the solenoid valve of the gas water heater, that is, when the water pressure is activated, the water film is affected by the water pressure, and when it is pushed to the left, the power of the whole machine is turned on, and a spring top cover is also pushed to the left. (This is another switch that controls the air source), it is a mechanical action, if there is scum in the water film, after the scale, if the water film does not return to the correct position, and you do not use the solenoid valve of the gas water heater, there will be air leakage, A security incident occurs.

Troubleshooting of Solenoid Valve of Gas Water Heater

The solenoid valve of the gas water heater is actuated by the water pressure driving the micro switch to energize. The solenoid valve opens and fires at the same time. In addition, the pressure regulating valve and the pipeline are not smooth, which will affect the intake air volume, which can lead to abnormal fire and combustion. The water pressure is too small and the micro If the switch is not energized, the reed of the switch can be adjusted so that it can be powered on under low water pressure. If the airway is not smooth, first check the pressure regulating valve to clear the blockage.

The solenoid valve of the gas water heater does not work. First, check whether the battery needs to be replaced. If it is forced to discharge, the circuit board or solenoid valve may be broken. If it is liquefied gas, check whether the air pressure is too high. , Pull out the gas pipe on the water heater to see if the solenoid valve makes any noise. If there is, the air pressure is too high, just change a decompression valve.

If it is installed with a battery, just replace the battery. If the power supply is forced, the igniter of the water heater is broken and the water pressure is low. Increase the booster pump to clean the water inlet pipe and remove the garbage at the nozzle. The solenoid valve body is faulty, and the solenoid valve is replaced. , Do pay attention, please professional maintenance is better.

Post time: Aug-15-2022