The Difference Between A Wall-Hung Boiler And A Gas Water Heater

1. From the functional point of view, the gas wall-hung boiler mainly provides the heating function, and can also provide domestic hot water, while the gas water heater mainly provides the domestic hot water function. In terms of the domestic hot water provided, the two are also different;

2. The power is different; generally, the power of the gas wall-hung boiler is larger than that of the gas water heater, so relatively speaking, the hot water provided by the gas wall-hung boiler will be more abundant than that of the gas water heater;

3. The thermal efficiency is different; the gas wall-hung boiler adopts closed combustion, does not burn indoor oxygen, and the thermal efficiency is higher than that of the gas water heater. Most gas water heaters are not closed combustion, which will consume indoor oxygen;

4. The water temperature control is different; the water temperature of the gas wall-hung boiler can be set from the control panel in advance, and the wall-hung boiler will adjust the size of the flame according to the set temperature. Although the current gas water heaters also have the function of water temperature control, in terms of fineness, they are still slightly inferior to gas wall-hung boilers;

5. The prices are different; the so-called one price is one share, the main function of the gas wall-hung boiler besides the hot water function is to provide heating, there are many more accessories, and the relative cost is relatively high. The gas wall-hung boiler products sold on the market are all higher than gas water heaters;

6. The installation is different; the gas wall-hung boiler is relatively small and can be installed directly on the wall, which looks more beautiful. When in use, the temperature can be adjusted and controlled by itself according to the needs of the home, so as to meet the individual needs, and it can also play a role in saving. Gas water heaters can also be hung on the wall, but there are many categories, and users can choose according to their own needs;

7. The difference between heating and providing hot water; gas wall-hung boilers use gas as the main energy source, which can be connected to indoor radiators, floor heating and air duct machines, so as to provide heating for the home and at the same time provide us with sufficient domestic water, etc. , when you want to use it, then when to use it. The gas water heater cannot provide heating, but can only provide people with hot water for life. This is the most essential difference between the two.



Post time: Oct-27-2022