Tips For Water Heater Maintenance

Since gas water heaters involve the use of gas and electricity, regular inspection and maintenance can bring a certain "sense of security" to family members and products. Follow the editor and master the inspection and maintenance tips!

1.Use soapy water to check whether there is gas leakage in each joint and pipeline. If found, immediately close the gas valve, open doors and windows for ventilation, and disable telephones and electrical appliances.

 2.The service life of the equipment has exceeded the scrap period and should be replaced immediately. (The service life of natural gas and liquefied gas is 8 years, and the artificial gas is 6 years)

 3.Regularly clean the scale at the water inlet and outlet of the gas water heater to avoid excessive scale accumulation and affect the bathroom water.

 4.When the outdoor temperature is close to or below 0 degrees, drainage must be done to prevent freezing. Although the gas water heater is installed indoors, the flue pipe for exhaust gas is directly connected to the atmosphere. When the machine is stopped, cold air will enter the machine through the exhaust pipe. The water remaining in the gas water heater condenses into ice and causes the water tank to burst.

Drainage and antifreeze five steps:

-Close the gas valve and unplug the power plug;

-Close the water inlet valve, the cold water valve;

- Turn on all hot water taps: 

For hot water faucets such as vegetable basins and washbasins, turn the mixing valve to the "hot water" position and open it;

Shower (shower head), the shower needs to be placed lower than the water heater so that the water can be effectively drained;

-Unscrew the pressure relief drain valve to drain: the water inside the machine will be drained from the hot water outlet of the faucet and the pressure relief drain outlet.

 -After the water is completely drained, replace the pressure relief valve and screw it tightly, and close the hot water faucet. (The pressure relief and drain valve is on the cold water inlet side)

5.After draining, you need to restart the machine, please follow the steps below, do not plug in the power first!

Open the hot water end of the mixing valve (exhaust air)

Open the water inlet valve;

Open the hot water end of the mixing valve, and close it after water flows out;

Open the gas valve, plug in the power and start the machine.

Post time: Jul-20-2022