News - What are the disadvantages of gas water heaters?

What are the disadvantages of gas water heaters?

With the improvement of science and technology, people's living standards and conditions have also been greatly improved. For example, in winter, people can bathe in their own homes, and getting hot water in winter is not far for many people. It’s a difficult thing, but even though water heaters are very common now, they still haven’t been able to enter thousands of households, especially in some rural areas, where many people don’t have water heaters at home. Although water heaters are very useful, they also have a lot of disadvantages. For example, the popular gas water heaters today have certain energy-saving effects, but they do have certain shortcomings.

The first is a problem that everyone is concerned about. Because this is a new type of water heater, its price is much higher than other ordinary water heaters, and its technical requirements are very high. There are many design involved, and the performance can be described as It is very comprehensive, so its price is much higher than that of ordinary water heaters. This is why it cannot be owned by some very low-income people.

The second is that this kind of water heater is very gas-consuming. We all know that this uses gas combustion as the main fuel. Most of its functions are realized by gas to obtain energy. The heating process needs to consume a lot of gas. Compared with other ordinary water heaters, it consumes much more gas. Therefore, when people use this kind of water heater, they have to pay a lot for the gas fee. In addition, the price of buying it in the early stage is very high, so the cost is much higher than other ordinary water heaters.

It is very troublesome to clean this kind of water heater, because its working process is very complicated, and there are various small parts and various membranes inside them, so when cleaning it It takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes if some dirt settles in the small gaps between the parts, it will only damage the water heater if you do not pay attention to it during cleaning.

Post time: Aug-27-2021