Stove Parts Kitchen Gas Oven Rapid Burner Sindelen, Mademsa And Fensa

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2.75 kW rapid burner

1.75 kW semi-rapid burne

1.00 kW auxiliary burner

These burners are replacement for the Sindelen, Mademsa and Fensa kitchen cookers, ovens, etc.

Burner Ring: High temperature resistance aluminum

Burner Cap: Cast iron, matte color or glossy

When you replacing with the new burners:

Remove the pan-stands, burners and flame spreaders.

Unscrew the injector and replace it with the stipulated injector for the new gas supply.

Reassemble all the burners carefully; in particular you should make sure that the flame spreader is correctly placed on the burner.

The minimum flow adjustment process must be completed before the appliance is next used.

The ignitors are sparking. If the ignitors are not sparking, they may be dirty or wet. Clean them gently with a small nylon brush such as a toothbrush as shown below. Ensure the electrical supply has been disconnected before cleaning.

Both the ignitor and probe must be very carefully cleaned using a toothbrush.

When replacing the burner parts, ensure you do not damage the ignitor or temperature probes.

The gas stove is mainly composed of structural parts such as stove surface, fire cover, stove head, stove frame, valve body, control parts, pipes and so on. Stove Burner is one of the core components of gas stove, and its firepower, safety, service life, etc. are all related to it. The material of the burner is mainly divided into four common materials: cast iron burner, ceramic burner, aluminum burner and iron burner. 

The burner includes a burner base and a burner cover. The base mainly plays a role of evenly distributing gas, and there are several fire holes on the fire cover, which mainly play a role in supporting flame combustion. Due to the high temperature of the flame surface, the burner cover is one of the more important parts in the burner.

The burner cap is also called the fire distributor, which is the part with the highest temperature in the upper part of the furnace head. The main material is copper or cast iron.

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