Gas Wall-Hung Boilers,Hot Water Radiator Heater

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  • Minimum order quantity: 50 sets
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • port: Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • payment method: T/T, L/C, WESTERN UNION.
  • Delivery period: By T/T, within 30 days after received 30% deposit
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    Vangood gas wall-mounted boiler A gas combi boiler, also known as a combination boiler, is a type of boiler that provides both central heating and hot water on demand using natural gas as the fuel source. It combines the functions of a traditional boiler that heats water for central heating and a separate water heater that provides hot water for taps and showers.It mounts quickly and easily to the wall of your home and requires minimal maintenance.


    High efficiency: Gas wall-hung boilers have high thermal efficiency and can save energy and reduce costs.

    Space-saving: Gas wall-hung boilers do not take up much space and can be installed on walls, which makes them suitable for small apartments and houses.

    Easy to use: Gas wall-hung boilers are easy to operate and can be controlled with a thermostat, which makes them convenient to use.

    Safe: Gas wall-hung boilers have multiple safety protection functions, such as overheat protection and gas leak protection, which can ensure the safety of users.

    Environmentally friendly: Gas wall-hung boilers are more environmentally friendly than traditional boilers, as they produce fewer emissions and use cleaner energy sources.

    Comfortable: Gas wall-hung boilers can provide precise temperature control, which can improve the comfort of users and create a more comfortable living environment.



    Heating & Hot Water

    Lcd Display

    Didital Control

    Suitable For Many Kinds Of Gas Source

    Digital Constant Temperature

    Thermal Efficiency: 89%

    Low Noise Combustion System

    Low Water Pressure Start

    Safe And Environmental Protection

    Closed System

    Multiple Control Mode System


    Product Parameter

    Product Number


    Energy Efficiency Rating

    National Standard Level 2

    Rated Gas Pressure


    Type Of Gas

    Natural gas /12T

    Nominal Hot Water Production Rate


    Rated Heat Input


    Applicable Water Pressure For Domestic Hot Water System


    Higher Applicable Water Pressure For Heating System


    Lower Heat Input


    Rated Heating Heat Output


    Nature Of Power


    Lower Heating Output


    Rated Electric Power


    Heating Water Temperature Adjustment Range


    Domestic Hot Water Temperature Adjustment Range



    1. How does a gas combination boiler work?
    When heating or hot water is required, gas combination boilers work by heating water directly from the mains. It passes cold water through a heat exchanger, which is heated by burning gas or oil. The heat generated is then circulated through the central heating system or used to heat domestic hot water.

    2. Is a gas combination boiler suitable for all households?
    A gas combination boiler is generally suitable for most homes, whether it's a small apartment or a larger house. However, the size and capacity of your boiler should be chosen based on the heating and hot water needs of your particular property.


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