Glass Top Automatic Butane Kitchen Cooktop 4 Burner Gas Stove

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Four-burner gas stove household multi-head gas stove European style natural gas embedded desktop stove.

SABAF is the legend of the stove in Europe. More than 90% of stoves in Italy use SABAF burners, and the usage rate in other European countries is as high as 50%. The SABAF burner has full combustion, stable flame and precise flame control. It belongs to preheating small convection premixed combustion, which is completely different from the domestic mainstream tube atmospheric premixed combustion structure.

With four burners, including an auxiliary burner and a working burner, the 4 burner gas stove provides great cooking flexibility. In addition, the uniqueness of the stove is that it is equipped with an automatic flameout detector. If the stove flame goes out, the detector will interrupt the gas supply, which increases safety.

Exterior color

Black tempered glass

Brushed Stainless Steel


Flameout protection

The flame of the burner should be extinguished and the gas supply to the burner should be stopped to ensure your safety.


2 semi-fast burners

A gas stove with a strong flame provides delicious stir-fried food. The three-ring gas stove with uniform flame distributes the heat evenly on the bottom of the container or large earthenware pot and pan.

The schematic diagram is only used to show the three-ring combustion stove, the pot rack and cooktop may be different depending on the model.

Quick connect air valve

The quick air valve is twice as fast as the conventional air valve. This means that the user can hardly find that it is being used, because the time the user needs to press the button to ignite is halved. The air valve is also equipped with a protection system, which can be locked to prevent rotation and can be activated by pressing the unlock button.

Electronic ignition

When the control knob is turned to the required temperature, it is automatically ignited by the human bionics control device, which is convenient and easy to use.

Attached burner

The small flame mini gas stove is an ideal choice for gentle melting or the low temperature required for delicate seasoning.

The schematic diagram is only used to show the auxiliary gas stove, the style of the pot holder and the stove will be different depending on the model.


Easy to clean cooking surface design

Quick parts disassembly

Overflow capacity (liter) 1.5

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