Lpg Gas Hot Water Heater Force Exhaust Type With Ce

Short Description:

Double pipeline to prevent CO poisoning

±2 F Temperature Fluctuation

Instant Hot Water in 2 Seconds

Water pressure as low as 0.02MPa


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CE 内部结构

Steady Temperature Control- no more chilly cold shower

High Heating Performance- high heating efficiency up to 98.99 % in 3 seconds

Instant Hot Water- tankless water heater Can meet the hot water needs of bathroom and kitchen at the same time

Easy to Operate- Easy to control the water temperature with LED touch screen with digital display

Space Saving- It is great for home,small cabins and remote apartments indoor installation.


1. Stable And Reliable: the hot water output of the balanced gas water heater is stable, energy-saving and has a long service life, which is more stable and reliable.

2. Safe And Practical: the balanced gas water heater has multiple protection systems, which can effectively prevent gas leakage and ensure the safe use of users.

3. Environmental Protection And Energy Saving: Its exhaust gas emissions are very small, and it can also save energy and reduce environmental pollution.

4. Reliable And Durable: The thermostat gas water heater is made of high-quality materials, which has good durability and long service life, making it more convenient and comfortable for users to use.



Product Parameter



gas hot water heater

Temperature Range

35℃ - 65℃

Water Pressure


Heat Exchanger

0.8-4.0KG Real Copper

Ignition Model

pulse ignition 3VDC

Heat Efficiency


Rated Gas Pressure

LPG:2800pa         NG:1300pa OR 2000pa

Rated Voltage


Noise Level

70 dB(A)

Connection Pipe Spec

Water Inlet: G1/2

Water Outlet: G1/2

Gas Inlet: G1/2


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