Power Vent Tankless Instant Outdoor Installation Bathroom Water Heater

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- Gas type: Natural gas or LPG

- Gas pressure: 20 mbar / 28-30mbar

- Power: 30 KW

- Connection: 220-240 Volt

- Max. power consumption: 45 Watt

- Size: 590x380x160 mm

- Minimum water pressure: 0,2 bar

- Maximum water pressure: 8 bar

- Water flow: between 3 and 16 liters per minute

- Temperature range: 35 to 65 degrees

- Connection flue gas discharge: 60/100 mm

- Weight: 14.5 kg.

- Power cord with plug included

Product Parameter


Digital domestic gas hot water heating system


Wall Mounted


Mounted in kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Exhaust Way

Force Exhaust Type



Temperature Range

35℃ - 65℃

Panel Material

Stainless Steel / Powder Coated / Glass


Black / White / Silver

Water Pressure


Heat Exchanger

Oxygen Free Copper Heat Exchanger

Ignition Model

Automatic elecrical pulse ignition 220V AC

Heat Efficiency


Use Gas Type


Rated Gas Pressure

LPG:2800pa NG:1300pa OR 2000pa

Rated Voltage

220V/50HZ & 110V/60HZ

Electric Power


Electrical Protection


Noise Level

65 dB(A)

Connection Pipe Spec


Rate Heat Input Power




Max Flow Rate (rise 25℃)




Max Flow Rate (rise 20℃)




Flue Duct Diameter

Φ100(external), Φ60(internal)


Instant Enjoy Series Zero Waiting Water Heater
Hot Water Comes Right Away, No Need To Wait
Smart 24-Hour Appointment Mode
One-Key Manual Mode
Micro Flame Technology
Temperature Rise By 1 Degree When Water Is Stopped
±1℃ Constant Temperature Technology
Fully Imported Dc Variable Frequency Circulating Pump
Dc Inverter Fan
Remote Control
16 Water Temperature Settings
Large Screen Lcd Display
Low Co Emissions
Prevention Device For Carbon Monoxide Exceeding Standard
Power-On Self-Checks

Hot water comes right away, no need to wait.
Manual/smart 24-hour reservation mode, hot water reservation in advance.
Carbon monoxide exceeding standard prevention device, prevent in advance without alarm.
±1℃ constant temperature technology, long-lasting enjoyment of constant temperature hot water.
Micro flame technology, the water temperature is not hot in summer.

Outdoor installation, restore pure space
Hidden layout, does not occupy valuable space in the kitchen, simple and beautiful
Wind safety, Intelligent wind pressure compensation technology prevents strong winds from back-flowing and guarantees the safety of air consumption and exhaust.
Anti-Freeze, Electric heating ceramic rod and silica gel temperature-locking membrane technology, can calmly deal with the area of -30°C.
Anti-water safety, Patented smoke hood and rain shield design, customized one-piece fully enclosed shell, IPX5 waterproof level.
Gas safety, Air inlet and outlet are all outdoors, ensuring the safety of indoor oxygen supply, reliable and worry-free.
Electrical safety, Lightning and anti-surge technology to avoid the risk of lightning strikes.
Wireless remote control, bath as you like.
Wireless WiFi connection, the outdoor body can be easily controlled when lying down, and it is more comfortable and worry-free.
Quiet and noise-free, Down-mounted variable frequency fan, the noise is as low as 42dB, effectively reducing the interference of motor noise and resonance noise.

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