Pressure Reducing Valve Adjustable Gas Regulator For Water Heater

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30 mbar

Maximum Caps. 1.5kg/h

Max inlet pressure, 7.5bar


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Gas pressure reducing valve is a device used to control the pressure of gas entering gas equipment. Its main function is to reduce the gas pressure in high-pressure gas pipelines to the safe working pressure range required by gas equipment.

The gas pressure reducing valve is usually installed at the entrance of the gas pipeline. Its working principle is to control the gas flow by adjusting the opening and closing of the valve core, thereby maintaining a stable output pressure. This helps prevent damage to gas equipment caused by excessive gas pressure and ensures safe and stable operation of the equipment.



Safety: The main function of the gas pressure reducing valve is to ensure safe gas pressure when the gas equipment is working. By preventing high-pressure gases from entering equipment, pressure reducing valves help prevent water heater damage and increase safety during use.

Stability: The gas pressure reducing valve can stabilize the output gas pressure and ensure that the equipment can maintain consistent performance under different working conditions. This helps improve the stability and reliability of gas equipment.

Adjustability: The output pressure can be adjusted as needed.

Durability: The pressure reducing valve uses durable materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that it is not susceptible to damage or corrosion during long-term use.

Comply with standards: vangood's pressure reducing valves comply with relevant international safety standards and certification requirements.

Easy to install: Easy to install and maintain.



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