Safety Pressure Reducing Valve For Wall Gas Boilers

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The safety pressure reducing valve of a gas wall-mounted boiler is a very important safety device, used to ensure that the pressure in the gas system is within a safe range.

The pressure reducing valve mainly has two basic functions: one is to prevent the system pressure from exceeding the allowable range, and the other is to release excess gas when the system pressure is too high to maintain the system in a safe state.

Safety guarantee: Safety  valve is an important safety device in the gas system, which can ensure that the system remains safe under abnormal conditions. By monitoring the system pressure, once it exceeds the safe range, the pressure reducing valve will quickly activate to release excess gas to prevent accidents caused by excessive system pressure.

Reliability: It has high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, stable and reliable performance.

High sensitivity: With accurate response time, it can detect abnormal pressure in time and take corresponding measures quickly.


Safety relief pressure: 0.3MPa

Material: PA66 plastic

Port Size:G1/2"male+20mm

Temperature of Media:Normal Temperature


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