Wall Mounted Heating Boiler Gas Water Heater 24 Kw

Short Description:

Space saving – no need water tank

Instant heating – No need to wait for hot water

Energy efficient – over 90% efficiency

Money saving – energy efficiency also means lower bills

Easy installation – wall hung installation

  • Minimum order quantity: 50 sets
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • port: Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • payment method: T/T, L/C, WESTERN UNION.
  • Delivery period: By T/T, within 30 days after received 30% deposit
  • Product Detail

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    Recommended power 20KW 26KW 30KW 35KW
    Heating area 50-120㎡ 50-180㎡ 50-240㎡ 50-320㎡

    gas wall-hung boiler is a heating and hot water device that generates heat by burning gas. This kind of wall-mounted fireplace is usually installed on the wall, which takes up little space and is suitable for residential and commercial places.


    1. Water supply for both kitchen and bathroom: meet the hot water demand of one kitchen, two bathrooms, and multi-bathroom families.

    2. 360 airtight and quiet comfort: the fully sealed body structure provides a quiet, comfortable and leak-proof experience through sound absorption, noise reduction and sealing barrier.

    3. Nine protections and comprehensive protection: multiple protection technology combinations, produced in accordance with European safety standards, constitute a protection system, create comprehensive protection with all our heart, and strive to let you enjoy bathing with peace of mind.

    4. One machine for heating/bathing and multi-purpose: it can be used in combination with floor heating radiators to meet the needs of heating and domestic hot water, bid farewell to the stacking of multiple machines, practical and space-saving.

    5. The temperature can be set by yourself: when the collective heating temperature is low, it feels too cold, and when the temperature is high, it feels too hot. The room temperature of the heating furnace can be adjusted to provide comfortable heating in winter.

    6. Fast hot water output: the water heater is installed in the bathroom, shortening the water delivery journey, saving more water and gas.

    7. Easy installation: the radiator system heats up quickly, the heat distribution on the ground is even, the heat storage capacity is strong and does not occupy indoor space, and the service life is long.


    -Gas type and gas supply pressure :Natural gas 12T/2000Pa

    -Applicable pressure range of gas:1500(pa)~3000(pa)

    -Rated heating heat input:20(kw)

    -Rated Heating Heat Output:18.1(kw)

    -Minimum Heating Heat Input:8(kw)

    -Minimum Heating Heat Output:6.8(kw)

    -Heat sink heating temperature range:30°C~85°C

    -Floor heating temperature adjustment range:30℃~60℃

    -Applicable pressure for heating system:0.05MPa~0.3Mpa


    Product Parameter

    Product model SB1P20-G
    Reference heating area 80m2~108m2
    Voltage frequency 220V~50Hz
    Maximum input electric power 120W
    Coaxial air supply and exhaust Ф60/Ф100
    waterproof level IPX4
    Product Size 710x420x245mm
    Package Size 810x460x310mm
    Net weight/Gross weight 30/33kg





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