60cm Rangehood Cooker Exhaust Fan Kitchen Range Hood Chimney

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  • Minimum order quantity: 100 sets
  • FOB price: USD price, please see the quotation table for the price range: USD30-40
  • port: Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • payment method: T/T, L/C, WESTERN UNION.
  • Supply Capacity: 20000 sets a month
  • Delivery period: By T/T, within 30 days after received 30% deposit
  • standard packaging: Export standard sea worthy 5-layer carton package include protection foam, or pack as customer required.
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    - Curved tempered glass and stainless steel

    - 60 cm wide

    - Filter with aluminum mesh

    - 2 1.5W LED Light

    - 160W motor

    - Extraction volume: 750 m3 / h

    Smart core senses flue wind resistance.

    Strong when it is strong, the power of exhausting smoke is undiminished.

    The wind pressure of the traditional hood is small, and the exhaust of smoke is blocked when the wind resistance of the flue becomes large. Equipped with frequency conversion technology, the algorithm senses the wind resistance of the flue. If the smoke is strong, it can break through the ultra-high speed of 120,000 rpm, instantaneously break the wind pressure limit, maintain a constant large suction, and no pressure during peak smoke exhaust.

    Ultra-high speed, ultra-low wear.

    30% increase in efficiency, longer service life.

    Traditional range hoods use ordinary motors, which have large friction loss and high heat generation, and the efficiency during use is only 48%. The frequency conversion motor provides ultra-high speed, with ultra-low wear, the efficiency is as high as 78%, which greatly improves the service life, saves energy and saves electricity, and maintains super combat effectiveness.

    960Pa strong wind pressure.

    Break through high-pressure wind resistance easily.

    To avoid the unpleasant smell of oily smoke in the kitchen, the variable frequency high suction power keenly perceives the wind resistance of the public flue, and the variable frequency motor driven by the intelligent algorithm breaks the wind pressure limit, and the 30-storey high oil smoke is immediately driven out of the way.

    Quiet enough to hear the doorbell and phone.

    While increasing the suction power, it also has lower noise. It is only 53dB when it is adjusted to the strong gear, which is equivalent to the sound of a soft conversation. Without annoying noise, enjoy the beauty of cooking.

    No need to clean every day, it can also satisfy your little cleanliness.

    Through the improvement of the oil circuit, the integrated design of the easy-to-detach double smoke plate and the hidden oil net, the daily cleaning frequency is reduced.


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