Wall Mounted Gas Fired Condensing Boiler For Hot Water House Heating

Short Description:

Gas central heating boilers

Wall hung gas boiler for radiator/floor heating

Household gas boiler

  • Minimum order quantity: 100 sets
  • FOB price: USD price, please see the price list for the price range: USD200-265
  • port: Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • payment method: T/T, L/C, WESTERN UNION.
  • Supply Capacity: 20000 sets a month
  • Delivery period: By T/T, within 30 days after received 30% deposit
  • standard packaging: Export standard sea worthy 5-layer carton package include protection foam, or pack as customer required.
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    Vangood gas wall-hung boiler has a powerful family central heating function, which can meet the heating needs of multiple rooms. Each room can set a comfortable temperature according to the demand, or decide to turn off the heating in a certain room according to the needs, and can provide a large flow of constant temperature sanitary heat. Water for family bathing, kitchen and other places.

    Product Description

    1. Fashionable flat panel design, easy to operate

    2. Adopting European combustion technology and heat exchanging technology, increase heat efficiency and save energy

    3. Multiple automatic protections

    4. Comfortable constant shower water

    5. Special floor heating function, 55℃temperature limited protection

    6. Quiet fan and water pump, quiet combustion

    7. Gas combi boiler with self-inspection system

    Excellent energy efficiency

    High efficiency heat exchanger

    Low energy modulating pump

    Wall mounting jig providing pre-plumbing and rear piping as standard

    Anti-Frost Device LPG Conversion Kit Included

    Connection Kit & Filling Loop As Standard

    Energy Saving Trust Recommended


    Product Features

    1) Provide home heating and domestic hot water

    2) Hot water priority

    3) Compulsive balanced draft system

    4) Water pump with auto air vent valve

    5) Sealed combustion room

    6) Anti-dry burn protection

    7) 95'C overheat protection

    8) Anti-freeze protection

    9) 3.0bar over-pressure protection

    10) Flame-out protection

    11) Fault code display

    12) With by-pass pipe/valve

    13) Gas valve shut down automatically when detected anomaly

    14) Water pump anti-stuck protection

    15) Highest temperature: heating system: 30 to 80°C  DHW system: 30 to 55°C

    16) Heat efficiency: 90%


    Constant hot water

    Easy maintenance

    Multi-safe Protection

    Intelligent LED Display

    Compact Design

    Easy Temperature Adjustment

    High Energy Saving Performance



    90% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) – low fuel usage, saves energy

    Natural or Propane (LP) gas operation – factory shipped as NG, optional LP conversion kit

    Compact design – increases placement options

    Heavy gauge insulated jacket – provides quiet operation

    10-to-1 turn down ratio – precisely matches minimal energy usage to the immediate system need

    Single tube, large diameter, Stainless Steel heat exchanger

    Pre-wired, plug-in ready electrical design

    Contractor friendly removable sides – makes service clean and easy

    Wall mounting bracket and hardware

    Unique 3-in-1 vent adapter – approved to accept PVC, CPVC, SS or PP vent materials

    Multiple vent options – direct vent with 2 pipes or concentric, through sidewall or roof

    Internal 3-speed circulator

    DHW flat plate heat exchanger

    Product Parameter

    Input power

    16 KW-40KW

    Type of gas

    natural gas (12 T)/ liquefied gas (12 Y)

    Gas pressure

    optional PA-2000PA 1000

    Reference heating area


    Applicable to the power supply


    Hydraulic pressure suitable for work

    Mpa 0.1-0.3

    Minimum start-up flow

    3 L/min

    rated power

    110 W

    Power plug

    European plug

    Temperature adjustment range

    radiator mode 30-80℃, ground heating mode 30-60℃

    Waterproof Grade


    Smoke exhaust mode

    coaxial exhaust pipe, outer diameter Φ100mm, inner diameter Φ60mm

    Heating inlet/return outlet size


    Health inlet/ outlet size


    Gas interface




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