Gas Water Heater Accessories Control Safety Solenoid Valve

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    Water heater accessories liquefied gas water heater intake valve solenoid ZD131 3V valve.

    With the continuous development of society, most urban households have used gas water heaters. It is convenient and fast, and can provide hot water at any time, even in winter, you can take a bath, wash your face, wash vegetables, cook, etc. comfortably at home even in winter. And we all know that in the gas water heater, the solenoid valve is its core component and one of the most important components. The solenoid valve of the gas water heater is mainly used to control the ignition of the gas water heater, so what is the working principle of the solenoid valve of the water heater? What are the main functions? Let's take a look.

    The working principle of the solenoid valve of the gas water heater

    First of all, when cold water enters the water heater, it will pass through the water-gas linkage valve body. Under the action of a certain pressure of the water flow, the water-gas linkage valve and the micro switch can be pushed to turn on the power, and the pulse controller will be activated at the same time. At this time, the gas solenoid valve is opened, and the burner of the gas water heater is ignited. After the burner is ignited, the flame detection element will detect the flame signal and then send it to the pulse controller. The pulse controller will open the solenoid valve by maintaining the current and maintain the normal combustion of the burner.

    If the burner is not successfully ignited, the pulse controller will not receive the flame signal, so that the solenoid valve cannot be opened normally by maintaining the current.

    The role of the solenoid valve of the gas water heater

    1. The solenoid valve mainly plays the role of water and gas linkage. According to the normal start-up procedure, the micro switch will be activated when the water is passed first, and then the power will be turned on; then it will ignite, about 3 seconds, and the solenoid valve will start to attract, so that it can supply gas for burning. To understand it simply, it is to pass water first, then igniting, and finally supply gas. If there is no solenoid valve, the gas will be directly supplied when the water is passed. In this way, if the ignition is delayed, the gas will fill the entire combustion chamber, and an explosion will occur upon ignition. The consequences are very serious.

    2.The solenoid valve of the water heater plays a double protective role. When the cold water enters the water heater, the water membrane is affected by the water pressure, which will turn on the power of the whole machine, and at the same time push the spring top cover to the left. This spring top cover is another switch for controlling the gas source. Therefore, when the water membrane produces scale and slag due to long-term use, it may not be able to return to the original position, so that the gas switch cannot be turned off. If there is no solenoid valve at this time, then the switch will always be on, gas leakage will occur, and there will be potential safety hazards.


    Solenoid for valve, ZD131B.

    Solenoid Valve For Calefont Small

    We offer all kinds of parts for gas water heaters.

    ZD131-B DC 3V 3 Pin Self Suction Solenoid Electromagnet Valve for Water Heater

    ZD131-B 3V Universal Gas Water Heater Solenoid Valve General Gas Water heater Accessories

    Water Heater ZD131-C DC 3V Self Suction Solenoid Electromagnet Valve

    Water Heaters Accessories Macro Gas Water Heater Self Priming Solenoid Valve ZD131 DC3V

    Quality assurance

    1. Each part is tested on-line with our advanced testing equipments.

    2. Our professional QC staff and experienced production staff assure that we offer qualified products to our customers.

    3. We enforce total control in the whole production process. Materials and components are carefully selected.


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    Main Color: Bronze Tone, Black, White

    Manufacturer Part Number: Does Not Apply

    Fit for: LPG Water Heater

    Net Weight: 150g

    Brand: uxcell

    Rated Voltage: DC 3V

    Country of Manufacture: CHINA

    Rubber Head Diameter: 14mm/0.6"

    Model: ZD131-C

    Package Content: 1 x DC Solenoid Electromagnet Cable Length: 6cm/2.4"

    MPN: Does Not Apply

    Action Form: Self Suction

    Body Size: 46 x 43 x 41cm/1.8" x 1.7" x 1.6"(L*W*H) Material: Metal, Electronic Parts


    Self suction Solenoid Valve for L.P.G or NG water heater.

    Power cable connect the power lighter, metal plate install with  Hydrosphere linkage valve.

    Used widely in home appliances,vending machines, game machine,auto door lock,cabinet etc.

    Item Specifics

    Country of Manufacture CHINA

    Material Metal, Electronic Parts

    Net Weight 150g

    Package Content 1 x DC Solenoid Electromagnet

    Model ZD131-C

    Main Color Bronze Tone, Black, White

    Fit for LPG Water Heater

    Rated Voltage DC 3V

    Action Form Self Suction

    Rubber Head Diameter 14mm/0.6"

    Body Size 46 x 43 x 41cm/1.8" x 1.7" x 1.6"(L*W*H)

    Cable Length 6cm/2.4"

    Brand Name:Earth StarType:Gas Water Heater PartsModel Number:SMT-DF003Product:Universal Gas Water Heater Solenoid ValveType:ZD131-CMaintain winding resistance:602 ohmsSuction valve winding resistance:9.0 ohmsConnection form :Thread

    Voltage:DC 3V


    Product Name : Solenoid Valve

    Use for :  LPG Water Heater

    Model  :  ZD131-C

    Feature  :  Self Absorption

    Power :  DC 3V

    Power Cable Type  :  3 Terminals Connector

    Black Knob Diameter :  14mm / 0.55"

    Install Plate Size :  46 x 43mm/ 1.8" x 1.7"(L*W)

    Total Size  :  60 x 46 x 43mm/ 2.4" x 1.7"(H*L*W)

    Main Material :  Metal

    Color :  As Pciture Shown

    Weight  :  155g

    Package Content  :  1 x Water Heater Solenoid Valve


    Self Absorption Solenoid Valve for L.P.G or NG water heater.

    Power cable connect the power lighter, metal plate install with Hydrosphere linkage valve

    Rated voltage: 3V DC

    Working stroke: 1.3±0.2mm

    Spring load: ≥55g

    Operation voltage: <1.7V(air pressure 5kPa)

    Maintaining voltage: 0.1V

    Operating coil resistance: 5Ω +10% -5%

    Maintaining coil resistance: 410Ω +10% -5%

    Insulation resistance: >5MΩ

    External leakage: <0.02L/h

    Internal leakage: <0.03L/h

    Life test: 30,0000 times


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