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Hazards Of Overage Gas Water Heaters

Generally speaking, the service life of a gas water heater is eight years, and exceeding this life is an overage gas water heater.The use of overage gas water heaters is prone to danger.Since combustible gas is a dangerous gas, once the overage gas water heater breaks down, it is often accompanied by explosions, fires and other huge hazardous accidents.

With the increase of the use time of kitchen and bathroom electrical appliances such as gas water heaters, especially after the specified age is exceeded, products and parts will rapidly age and quality change under the catalysis of harsh environments such as oil pollution, humidity, and high temperature combustion. Safety performance will be rapidly reduced, and safety protection functions may be lost.Safety accidents such as fire leakage, air leakage, deflagration, tempering, gas leakage, explosion and fire may occur in an endless stream.

Old gas-fired water heaters that have exceeded their service life are not only inefficient in thermal efficiency and wasteful in energy consumption, but also the carbon monoxide index is very easy to exceed the standard. The concentration of harmful gas emissions such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides often exceeds the standards stipulated by normal countries.When overage gas water heaters are used, they are prone to gas leakage. Once the gas leaks, it can easily cause poisoning and explosion, which is very dangerous.Therefore, it is recommended that consumers must replace overage gas water heaters at home in time to protect the safety and health of their families.



Post time: Oct-17-2022