On Demand Indoor Installation Instant Tankless Gas Water Heater

Short Description:

  • Minimum order quantity: 100 sets
  • FOB price: USD price, please see the quotation table for the price range: USD100-130
  • port: Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • payment method: T/T, L/C, WESTERN UNION.
  • Supply Capacity: 20000 sets a month
  • Delivery period: By T/T, within 30 days after received 30% deposit
  • standard packaging: Export standard sea worthy 5-layer carton package include protection foam, or pack as customer required.
  • Product Detail

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    - Gas type: Natural gas or LPG

    - Gas pressure: 20 mbar / 28-30mbar

    - Power: 30 KW

    - Connection: 220-240 Volt

    - Max. power consumption: 45 Watt

    - Size: 590x380x160 mm

    - Minimum water pressure: 0,2 bar

    - Maximum water pressure: 8 bar

    - Water flow: between 3 and 16 liters per minute

    - Temperature range: 35 to 65 degrees

    - Connection flue gas discharge: 60/100 mm

    - Weight: 14.5 kg.

    - Power cord with plug included

    Product Parameter


    Digital domestic gas hot water heating system


    Wall Mounted


    Mounted in kitchen, bathroom, etc.

    Exhaust Way

    Force Exhaust Type



    Temperature Range

    35℃ - 65℃

    Panel Material

    Stainless Steel / Powder Coated / Glass


    Black / White / Silver

    Water Pressure


    Heat Exchanger

    Oxygen Free Copper Heat Exchanger

    Ignition Model

    Automatic elecrical pulse ignition 220V AC

    Heat Efficiency


    Use Gas Type

    LPG / NG

    Rated Gas Pressure

    LPG:2800pa NG:1300pa OR 2000pa

    Rated Voltage

    220V/50HZ & 110V/60HZ

    Electric Power


    Electrical Protection


    Noise Level

    65 dB(A)

    Connection Pipe Spec


    Rate Heat Input Power




    Max Flow Rate (rise 25℃)




    Max Flow Rate (rise 20℃)




    Flue Duct Diameter

    Φ100(external), Φ60(internal)

    The lowest starting water pressure (kPa): 10kPa (0.1kgf/cm²)
    Antifreeze measures: electric heating
    Carbon monoxide exceeding standard prevention device: Yes
    Thermal efficiency (energy efficiency rating): >88%
    Minimum gas consumption (kW): 4.1
    Minimum hot water production rate (Δt=25℃)(kg/min): 2.0
    Rated electric power (W): 45
    Minimum flameout water (L/min): 1.7
    Applicable water pressure: 68.6~980kPa(0.7~5.0kgf/cm²)
    Temperature control range (℃): 35, 37~48, 50, 55, 60


    + Craft aluminum alloy frame, painted or tempered glass panel
    + LED dynamic display with water volume server control technology
    + Marine grade phosphorus deoxygenated copper heat exchanger, longer service life
    + With CO detection system
    + 4 stages segmented combustion
    + Multiple active protection safety system
    + Anti-dry burning, anti-over-pressure, anti-over-temperature, and other 360-degree ring body safety protection
    + Ultra-quiet system, max load state does not exceed 45 decibels
    + Indoor air closed isolation system
    Scope of application: families with two to three bathrooms
    Installation location: bathroom or kitchen cabinet

    Balanced type gas water heaters are safe gas water heaters. Compared with the direct discharge and forced discharge water heaters, the big difference of the balanced gas water heater is that it can form a sealed system isolated from the indoor air together with the supporting flue, that is, it does not consume indoor air and does not cause smoke, hence no air pollution. The oxygen required for the combustion of the balanced gas water heater is taken from the outside, and the exhaust gas generated is also discharged outside, so that the indoor oxygen will not be consumed, and it will not cause indoor oxygen deficiency. Therefore, the balanced gas water heater can be installed in the bathroom.

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