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Precautions For Forced Exhaust Gas Water Heater

Precautions For Forced Exhaust Gas Water Heater

1. Precautions for installation of forced exhaust gas water heater;

2. The distance from the installation place to the smoke outlet of the water heater must be controlled within a certain length;

3. The length limit of the exhaust pipe;

4. The smoke exhaust pipe should be firmly connected to prevent it from falling off, and take sealing measures;

5. The smoke exhaust pipe should use special accessories for this water heater, and its shape and structure must not be changed;

6. The upward smoke exhaust pipe from the water heater exhaust pipe joint is as short as possible;

7. The spacing between the support frames of the exhaust pipe is 1.5-2m/piece;

8. The outlet of the exhaust pipe should be slightly inclined downward to prevent rainwater from flowing backwards;

9. The turning angle of the smoke exhaust pipe must be >90°, and there must be a transition fillet;

10. In order to prevent the accumulation of condensed water, each section of the smoke exhaust pipe should be inclined downward with a slope of 1/50;

11. The middle part of the exhaust pipe shall not be installed vertically upwards;

12. If the position of the smoke outlet is higher than the installation position of the water heater, then the one on the water heater.

2. Matters needing attention in the use of forced exhaust gas water heaters

1. Pay attention to ventilation

The pipeline is unobstructed, pay attention to ventilation. First of all, for flue-type, forced-exhaust and forced exhaust gas water heaters, it depends on whether the exhaust pipe is unobstructed to ensure ventilation. Secondly, for users who are still using the direct discharge gas water heater, it is recommended that you stop using it to avoid problems.

2. The operation must be done properly

Master the method and operate safely. When using the water heater, the user should first open the water heater valve to ignite, then open the cold water valve, and then open the hot water nozzle to supply hot water. When turning off the water heater, stop the water first, then stop the gas, and finally turn off the ignition switch. There are people in the resident's home, the ignition switch can be turned on for a long time, and hot water can be used continuously. If there is no one at home and no hot water is used for a long time, it is best to turn off the ignition switch. In addition, if the air pressure is unstable, the user should turn off the ignition switch in time to prevent accidents.

3. Timely inspection

Check in due course and use within a limited time. After the water heater has been used for a period of time, it must be checked. The inspection method is to wipe the connection between the air inlet of the water heater and the gas pipeline with soapy water, and if there are no bubbles, it means there is no leakage. After the water heater has been used for two years, you can find a maintenance department for a comprehensive overhaul to eliminate potential safety hazards. In addition, users should also pay attention to the service life of the water heater.



Post time: Dec-20-2022