Reasons And Solutions For Gas Water Heaters Failing To Catch Fire

Solenoid valve problem

There is a problem with the solenoid valve of the water heater. This is a very common fault. If you only hear the sound of fire when firing, there is no "click" magnetic absorption sound of the solenoid valve, which is usually divided into:

1. There are two types of solenoid valve failures, damage and aging. For example, when the fire is on, it can be hit, but it will turn off immediately. This is the phenomenon of the aging of the solenoid valve, and if the solenoid valve is damaged, it cannot be fired at all. , that can only replace the solenoid valve.

2. Another reason is that the solenoid valve is dirty. In this way, the solenoid valve blocks the gas and cannot pass the gas, and the gas (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas) will not come out, and of course it will not catch fire.

power problem

Strictly speaking, the power supply problem is not a problem, as long as you pay attention to it, but if you are using a battery, you should first check whether the battery is too old, so that the voltage will not be enough, and the water heater will not catch fire. , which is easily overlooked. If this is the case, just check if the AC power plug indicator light is on.

water pressure problem

When the water pressure is too low, the water heater often fails to start normally, especially on high floors. Generally, they will ignore the water pressure problem. If the water pressure is always normal, you should check the filter at the water inlet of the water heater to see if it is blocked. If the water cannot flow normally, it will not be able to hit. That's it.

water-air linkage problem

The problem of water-air linkage generally includes two aspects:

1. The aging or damaged tympanic membrane in the water-air linkage valve cannot push the micro switch.

2. If the micro switch is broken, you can only replace the switch directly.

Damaged valve seals

The valve seal is damaged, mainly because the water heater is easily corroded by the gas if it is used for too long, and then it will swell. At this time, the parts must be replaced.

Gas type incompatibility problem

This problem is quite serious, so you must pay attention to it. Generally, the water heater will indicate which one uses liquefied gas and which one uses natural gas. Sometimes it may be accidentally connected by mistake. At this time, it only needs to be corrected and reconnected. , so be sure to figure out what the gas source is when purchasing.

Ignition porcelain needle or induction porcelain needle problem

If it is the ignition porcelain needle or the induction porcelain needle that causes the gas water heater to fail to catch fire, the solution:

1. It is very difficult to ignite when the ignition needle is deviated or aged, so it is necessary to replace or place the ignition needle correctly.

2. Induction aging, you can polish the induction and place it well (so that the flame can fully burn the induction needle no matter whether it is a big fire or a small fire).

The smoke pipe cannot be properly exhausted

This is also a problem that is easy to be ignored. There is actually no problem in itself. There are two main situations:

1. The smoke pipe is blocked, as long as the blockage in the smoke pipe is cleaned up to ensure smoothness.

2. The smoke pipe is too long, which is not conducive to the emission of smoke. It can only clear the blockage in the smoke pipe. If the smoke pipe is too long, the excess smoke pipe can be cut off.

Poor contact of air-cooled and hot-water switch

The hot and cold water switch is in poor contact, and the hot and cold water switch is directly connected to the ignition switch.

Ignition switch resistance increases

If the resistance of the ignition switch increases, the amount of power flowing in the battery will decrease, and the current will also decrease, and the magnetic attraction force will naturally be small, so the magnetic attraction cannot be turned on, resulting in no ignition. This will require a slight adjustment to the resistance of the ignition switch in the water heater.

The magnet is broken or there is dirt in it

If the magnetic suction is broken, the gas cannot come out, which will cause the water heater to fail to catch fire, and a new magnetic suction needs to be replaced. If there is dirt on the magnetic suction, you can clean the dirt.

Post time: Aug-04-2022