News - The principle and advantages of constant temperature of gas water heater

The principle and advantages of constant temperature of gas water heater

Thermostatic gas water heater is a type of water heater that is widely used in our homes, The constant temperature gas water heater that can heat and then ensure the water temperature has a very good effect for us. Today, I will introduce some working principles and advantages of thermostatic gas water heaters to help you understand the thermostatic gas water heaters.

1. The working principle of the sensor: Before using the thermostatic gas water heater, make sure that the power supply has been turned on, and the water inlet valve and the air inlet valve are both open. At this time, the hot water valve can be opened, and then the water will enter the water heater, it flows to the water addition pipe in the heat exchanger through the water sensor. When the water flows through the water sensor, the internal magnetic rotor will rotate, and the integrated component will send out electrical pulses and send the induction results to the computer.

2. The working principle of the burner: when the rotational speed of the rotor in the water sensor reaches a certain value, the computer will start the combustion fan, and the integrated components are installed inside the fan. When the rotational speed of the fan reaches a certain level, the gas main The gas valve and the gas valve will be opened, and then the gas will enter the burner, and the combustion indicator will be lit through the control circuit, so that the combustion can continue and the water temperature can be raised.

3. The working principle of water temperature adjustment: the water flowing through the hot water pipe in the heat exchanger will flow out from the hot water valve after being heated into hot water. The temperature level of the specific outgoing hot water is set in combination with the temperature adjustment knob. The actual outgoing water temperature is measured by the point sensitive resistor. The computer will compare the two temperatures, and then adjust the gas proportional valve by adjusting the switch to achieve the required water temperature level.

Features of thermostatic gas water heater

1. Features of the strong exhaust gas water heater: The strong exhaust gas water heater has a strong exhaust fan at the bottom, so that the air required for combustion and the exhaust gas emitted by combustion can be controlled by the left and right functions of the motor. Control operation, which can avoid the occurrence of air-fuel or insufficient combustion, can save electricity, and can also avoid the occurrence of strong wind backflow and other phenomena, which greatly improves the safety performance.

2. Features of condensing gas water heater: Condensing gas water heater is a higher level product of constant temperature gas water heater. It is a condensing heat exchanger added on the basis of constant temperature gas water heater, which can be used for high temperature exhaust gas. The cold water is cooled and absorbed heat energy into lukewarm water into the copper water tank for heating, and at the same time the water vapor in the exhaust gas is condensed into small water droplets and discharged from the water heater, extending the service life of the water heater. This type of gas water heater is more efficient in saving electricity, but the price is also relatively expensive.

Thermostatic gas water heater is a more safe and energy-saving type of water heater, and it is also safer and more convenient in the process of use. Therefore, when you want to buy and use a water heater in the future, thermostatic gas water heater is a good choice.

Post time: Sep-05-2022