News - The Reason Why The Hot Water Of The Gas Water Heater Fluctuates

The Reason Why The Hot Water Of The Gas Water Heater Fluctuates

The basic working principle of the gas water heater is that cold water enters the water heater and flows through the water-air linkage valve body. Under the action of a certain pressure difference of the flowing water, the water-air linkage valve is pushed, and at the same time, the DC power microswitch is pushed to turn on the power and start the pulse. igniter, at the same time, open the gas delivery solenoid valve, and continue to re-ignite automatically through the pulse igniter until the ignition successfully enters the normal working state. This process lasts about 5 to 10 seconds continuously.

When the gas water heater is short of water or water pressure, power shortage, gas shortage, hot water temperature is too high, unexpected blowout and other fault phenomena during the working process or ignition process, the pulse igniter will automatically detect the feedback signal from the induction needle and automatically When the power supply is cut off, the gas transmission solenoid valve will immediately return to the original normally closed valve state in the case of lack of power supply, that is to say, the gas passage has been cut off at this time, and the gas water heater is closed for safety protection.

What should I do if the hot water of the gas water heater is hot and cold?

1. The water heater is hot and cold, usually due to the water pressure problem. Find the property management office to adjust the water pressure, causing the water temperature of the water heater to be not hot enough or hot for a while and cold for a while. If the water volume of the shower does not decrease significantly, it may not be a problem of water pressure. ;

2. If the water outlet is far away from the water heater, such as installed on the balcony, it is necessary to confirm whether the cold water of the water heater is turned on to a large extent? This is very important, because the tap water is not turned on to a large extent, and the water temperature is adjusted at the water outlet, the water heater will be insufficient due to insufficient flow. High temperature and fire protection;

3. If the water is supplied by the water tank on the roof, the pressure is only related to the height difference between your home and the water tank. If the water pressure is not enough, consider installing a water pump;

4. The user's water heater using bottled liquefied petroleum gas is hot and cold, you can check whether the pressure reducing valve is normal;

5. Adjust the water heater water volume adjustment button to small and try;

6. If it has not been hot and cold before, you can check whether the water inlet of the water heater is blocked; 

7. If you have tried the above methods, and you don't know what to do, you can directly find the water heater for after-sales service;

8. If the water heater has been used for a long time, it is necessary to purchase a new machine. It is recommended to choose a constant temperature water heater. According to the real-time water consumption of the burner water heater and the change of the inlet and outlet water temperatures, instant and accurate judgments can be made to command the combustion system in a fully optimized state. Staged combustion, and at the same time command a unique stepless fan to reasonably allocate the combustion air required to achieve super-efficiency and energy saving, so that the water temperature is always constant. In this way, the shower will no longer be hot and cold.

Post time: Sep-05-2022