How the solenoid valve works

Gas water heaters are the most commonly used electrical products in our family. Speaking of gas water heaters, we cannot help but mention the solenoid valve of gas water heaters. How much do you connect to it? Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the gas water heater solenoid valve in detail.

The structure of gas water heater solenoid valve

Solenoid valve for gas water heater is mainly composed of base, fixed iron core, coil, armature and fixed parts. The fixed iron core is sleeved on the base, the coil is positioned on the fixed iron core, and the armature is supported above the fixed iron core, which is a movable connection , the fixing piece is fixedly connected with the base, located above the armature, and two clips extend from both sides of the fixing piece. A fulcrum is set at each position, respectively maintaining a small gap with the extension part of the two clips, and the two fulcrums are basically concentric with the swing axis when the iron core operates.

Working principle of gas water heater solenoid valve 

The cold water enters the water heater and flows through the water-air linkage valve body. Under the action of a certain pressure difference of the flowing water, the water-air linkage valve is pushed, and the micro switch is pushed to turn on the power supply and start the pulse controller. The gas water heater burner is ignited; after the burner is ignited, the flame detection element sends a flame signal to the pulse controller by detecting the flame, and opens the solenoid valve by maintaining the current to maintain the normal combustion of the burner.

If the ignition fails, the pulse igniter cannot maintain the normal opening of the solenoid valve of the gas water heater because there is no maintenance current signal to detect the flame, close the solenoid valve and cut off the supply of gas. The gas water heater can minimize the frictional resistance when the armature moves, so as to minimize the starting current and voltage, which not only saves electricity, but also ensures sensitive action. Gas water heaters are suitable.

Post time: Jul-25-2022