News - Appearance design patent certificate-water-gas linkage valve

Vangood Won The Design Patent Certificate

Vangood is pleased to announce that our latest innovative product, the gas linkage valve, has successfully obtained an appearance design patent certificate, which marks another important breakthrough in our design innovation in the field of engineering equipment.

Vangood Company has been committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-efficiency water heater accessories to meet the evolving market needs. The water-air linkage valve is one of our latest achievements under this mission, and the patent certification of its design will further consolidate our leading position in the industry.

Obtaining this design patent certificate is a milestone achievement for us in product design and reflects our commitment to continuous pursuit of excellence. The gas water valve has obtained patent certification for its innovative design and outstanding performance, which provides us with a competitive advantage and will also bring higher value to our customers.

The design of the water-gas linkage valve incorporates advanced engineering technology and has the following characteristics:

Excellent efficiency: Water and air linkage valves provide higher efficiency through clever water and air control, helping to save resources and reduce operating costs.

Durability and Reliability: This product is designed with long-term sustainability in mind, ensuring stable performance and durability.

Appearance design: The design patent certificate confirms the unique appearance of the product, making it more eye-catching in the market.

We thank all our employees and partners who worked hard to make this project a success. In addition, we would also like to thank our customers, whose trust and support enable us to continue to move forward.



Post time: Oct-12-2023