What are the characteristics of zero cold water gas water heaters?

Zero cold water heater will not produce cold water when in use. First of all, for ordinary water heaters, there is a certain distance between the faucet and the water heater, and there will be a cold water remaining in the pipeline. Each time you use hot water, you must first wait for the cold water to be discharged.

Aiming at this pain point, the zero cold water water heater is equipped with a circulating pump inside, which can pump the cold water remaining in the water pipe into the water heater to heat it and circulate it in the pipeline.
It takes a certain amount of time for an ordinary gas water heater to heat up to the set temperature. Generally speaking, it takes at least 30 seconds to produce hot water, while zero cold water water heaters generally only take 5-10 seconds, and the hot water output speed is also significantly improved.
Seeing this, some people may say that even a time difference of tens of seconds seems to be nothing, but for the matter of bathing, a time difference of tens of seconds can bring a more comfortable experience.

Are there any requirements for installation of zero cold water heaters?
When it comes to the installation of a zero-cold water heater, the problem of installing a return pipe is indispensable. The conventional zero-cold water heater on the market requires a return pipe during installation. Without this pipe, the zero-cold water heater will still produce cold water! Ordinary water heaters generally only need to pre-embed hot water pipes and cold water pipes.
The zero hot water heater needs to install a "return pipe" on this basis to meet good water temperature control.

As we all know, when using a gas water heater, you need to wait for the cold water in the pipeline to drain before the hot water can come out. This is a major pain point in most households using the water heater, and the zero cold water heater solves this pain point very well.

Looking at the e-commerce platform, we can also find that the price of mainstream zero-cold water heaters is basically around two or three thousand yuan, which is not much different from the price of ordinary water heaters. This is a good reason to consider it.

However, since the zero-cold water heater is equipped with a circulating pump, it will increase a certain cost to use it. You can also choose a zero-cold water heater with a time setting function.

Post time: Aug-27-2021