Kitchen Gas Stove Cooker Switch Control Metal Knob

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Gas stove knob zinc alloy stove with metal button liquefied gas natural gas stove accessories ignition switch universal.

The knob for a gas stove includes a knob body, which is characterized in that: the inner center of the knob body is provided with a sleeve with an opening facing down and a ring of convex walls located on the periphery of the sleeve. The internal space of the knob body is sequentially divided from the center to the outside into a first separation zone, a second separation zone and a third separation zone. The second separation zone constitutes the heat insulation zone of the first separation zone and the third separation zone. Compared with the prior art, the advantage of the utility model is that the sleeve and the convex wall inside the knob body divide the inside of the knob body The first separation zone, the second separation zone and the third separation zone are separated. The first separation zone is the temperature rise zone of the knob body, while the second separation zone and the third separation zone are the cooling zone of the knob body. The third separation zone is farther than the second separation zone and can be maintained at a lower temperature.

When disassembling the gas stove knob switch, first remove the upper pan support and the outer burner cap, and place them in water filled with detergent for cleaning. Press down the inner hole on the knob and the knob lever firmly, and Remove the circlip, you can take off the knob switch, and then replace it with a new knob switch. Put the circlip aside, don’t lose it, Otherwise the knob is easy to be loose when installed, and then replace the new knob switch, install it according to the original method, and it can be used normally. The removed stove frame and outer fire cover should be cleaned, because of the long-term use In the process, there will inevitably be a lot of grease on the top, which can prevent the gas injectors from clogging, so as not to cause the fire or burning problems.

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